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Bruce Schneier Public Lecture

Posted 2 May 2012
Over 400 people turned out in person to hear Bruce Schneier’s lecture on the topic of his latest book Liars and Outliers. More than 1000 people viewed the live streaming of the event online. This event was hosted by the NZITF and was sponsored by InternetNZ and Telecom New Zealand.

The event began with an overview of the NZITF by its Chair, Paul McKitrick, which can be viewed below or downloaded here.

Laura Bell was invited to provide an overview of the in2securITy initiative, a non-profit organisation which aims to encourage IT students into the IT Security field, and then supports those students into careers in IT Security. The video can be downloaded here.

Bruce Schneier then took the stage for the main event and gave an interesting and insightful lecture on security, trust and society. You can download it here.

Thanks go to Bruce for kindly taking time out of his busy schedule to give this talk for free. Thank you again InternetNZ and Telecom New Zealand for your generous sponsorship that enabled us to put on this free event for the community and to stream it online.


Michelle Vui

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