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Archived Media Releases 2013

Responsible Disclosure Guidelines

Media release – 3 September 2013

The New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) is currently working on responsible disclosure guidelines. These guidelines will help security researchers and organisations to work together when disclosing and addressing vulnerabilities in ICT systems.

New Zealand businesses and organisations do not want to have ICT systems (such as websites) with vulnerabilities in them. Security researchers want to be able to notify organisations of vulnerabilities they come across without fear of legal action or negative publicity. It is important that we are all clear about what is expected of us when disclosing a vulnerability or when someone contacts us with a vulnerability.

Because the NZITF has a broad membership of security professionals we think that we can provide guidance that will add value, set some clear boundaries and ultimately make it easier for security professionals to work together and help improve New Zealand’s cyber security posture. The NZITF is intending to hold a public consultation on the guidelines later this year.

Local group scoops top Australian security award

Media release – 7 June 2013

The New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) has beaten the Australians at their own game, taking out the top prize in the prestigious AusCERT Awards.

Winner of the ‘Best Security Initiative,’ the NZITF was recognised last month for its bringing together of security experts from across the country’s government and private sector security communities.

New Zealand Internet Task Force Chair Mike Seddon says members of the NZITF are delighted to have been recognised on Australian soil, with the AusCERT win testament to the strength and effectiveness of the Task Force’s proactive cyber security activities.

A volunteer group of security professionals across government, law enforcement, academia, information security and private sector industries, the NZITF works collaboratively to improve the cyber security posture of New Zealand in defending against and mitigating cyber based threats.

Seddon says the comprehensive make-up of the NZITF affords it a unique view of the opportunities and threats across the entire spectrum of IT security and risk.

“Our approach is grounded in collaboration and trust. In sharing amongst ourselves our knowledge and experience, the general delivery and state of IT security and risk management in New Zealand is significantly improved.
“We are a rather unique outfit in a global sense and that is why the benefits we have and will continue to deliver are a key contributor as to why New Zealand could be considered world leading in this arena.”

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