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Cyber Smart Week 2017 begins

This week is National Cyber Smart Week. Organised by CERT NZ and Connect Smart, the New Zealand Internet Task Force is proud to be one of the week's official supporting partners.

Cyber Smart Week aims to help people and businesses improve their cyber security. During the week, a variety of messages will feature about four simple steps you can take to give you instantly better online protection - at home and work.

The four steps being promoted during Cyber Smart Week are:

Change your password - Make your passwords long and strong, and have a unique password for each of your online accounts.

Set two forms of identification - Two-factor authentication is like having a second lock for your front door. It's often a password and something else - for example, a code.

Check your privacy settings - Set your privacy settings so only friends and family can see what you post on social media.

Update your operating system - Keeping your OS up-to-date is a really good way to defend against bugs and viruses.

Doing one of these things will help keep your data safe. Doing more than one will help even more.

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