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NZITF supports CERT NZ’s business website campaign

NZITF has lent its support to CERT NZ's latest awareness campaign - being run this week between 30 July and 3 August.

The campaign - called 'Get Cyber Smart' - focuses on business websites. NZITF is one of over 30 supporting partners.

NZITF Chair Barry Brailey says websites are a digital shop window and important customer channel for most businesses. Unfortunately, they're also a target for hackers.

"Poor or non-existent website security threatens your accessibility, brand and reputation. You're not too small to be noticed by hackers and your website is not invulnerable."

It's important as a business owner to take preventative action, he says.

"We encourage all businesses to step up their website security by following CERT NZ's advice and guidance. This includes creating a security plan, using https, running regular backups, managing your passwords carefully and keeping all computers and mobile devices free from malware."

CERT NZ's tips, guides and advice for business websites can be found at and

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