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NZITF signs on as Cyber Smart supporting partner

Expect to hear a lot more about cyber security next week. National Cyber Smart Week runs between 14 - 18 October and for the third consecutive year NZITF has signed on as an official supporting partner.

Cyber Smart Week is organised and run by the government’s computer emergency response team CERT NZ. The week of activity is designed to raise awareness about the ways that people and businesses can protect themselves online.

This year, New Zealanders are being encouraged to take control of their online identity by using a password manager, turning on two-factor authentication, updating their devices, checking their devices and reporting any online security incidents.

NZITF Chair Terry MacDonald says Cyber Smart Week is important in helping lift the public's understanding of the impacts and implications of cyber security breaches.

Knowing how to stay secure online is more important than ever in today's all-digital era where sensitive and personally identifiable information is available online across multiple devices, he says.

“But the good news is that the more difficult it is to access information about you, the less likely it is that a cyber-attack will affect you.

"Messaging for Cyber Smart Week revolves around several strong preventative calls to action. NZITF encourages all New Zealanders to check out CERT NZ's tips here and take the time to set up a password manager, turn on two-factor authentication, update their devices' security software and review their online privacy settings.”

Find out more about how to protect yourself online this Cyber Smart Week at:

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